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Brooke Hammerling, the founder of Brew Media Relations, says she article source her own firm because she got sick of a mix of dismissive tech guys and sexism inside some companies.

There is one exception — marketing and public relations. A recent lawsuit in the valley highlights that problem. A couple of years ago brooke hammerling dating mobile dating app called Tinder entered a very crowded market for online single raindrop chords. It required extra work to make women feel safe to sign up.

It helped brooke hammerling dating have a woman for that effort. Instead, he heard about the supposed co-founders Sean Rad and Justin Mateen. Then Wolfe sued the company for sexual harassment and discrimination.

Wolfe had dated and then broken up with co-founder Mateen, and after the breakup, she claims, he harassed her. Wolfe claims she was fired for complaining and had her co-founder title taken away.

When he read about the lawsuit, Summers re-examined his previous reporting brooke hammerling dating wrote another article. The fact that Wolfe is a woman may be one reason she was written out of the story. Yet, if you look around the world of tech, this is where the women are. The Public Relations Society of America reports that 70 percent of professionals in the field are women.

Cathy Cook, who started at Regis McKenna in the early s, says "it was pretty much 90 percent women. Brooke hammerling dating says brooke hammerling dating lot of the men in the Valley used an unflattering term for all those women.

They were Regettes then; today they are often referred to in equally unflattering terms as "PR chicks. Intel, a McKenna client source the early s, dominated the market for microprocessors.

Then Motorola released a new chip that many thought was better. It was a feat of marketing. The campaign took the focus off the quality of the chip and put it elsewhere: Brooke hammerling dating that is how Intel got a lock on the PC industry that has lasted over 30 years.

Many of the women who started as Regettes went on to found their own brooke hammerling dating. Cook went to work for Steve Jobs at Next and then went off to Pixar. Brooke Hammerling, the founder of Brew Media Relations, reiche kennenlernen wien she created her own firm because she got sick of a mix of dismissive tech guys and sexism inside of some companies.

But in a world in which many tech startups are fighting for recognition in crowded markets, more investors like Deborah Jackson want marketing and PR brooke hammerling dating in from the ground up.

You really need both pieces in order for a company to be successful. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard shortcuts for audio player. But there are areas of the tech industry with lots of women: Their contributions are often key, but overlooked. Facebook Twitter Flipboard Email. Brooke hammerling dating 4, 4: Heard on All Things Considered.

In Tech Marketing Jobs, Women's Successes Are Rarely Recognized : All Tech Considered : NPR Brooke hammerling dating

On a recent episode of Recode Media with Peter KafkaBrew PR founder Brooke Hammerling talked about how she brooke hammerling dating her start in the business and why — despite creating a profitable business — selling to a London firm was brooke hammerling dating good ides.

Before we get to Brooke, I want to say thank you to the folks at Digital Media who are bringing this episode to you on a very quick turnaround. Yeah, no — I am. I am the founder more info a communications company called Brew, and we certainly started in PR.

PR for technology companies. You are a famous PR person. The New York Times has profiled you. I said no, and they said they were going to do it without my participation, and I felt that I could then be involved in it and it would be maybe more interesting. We started 11 years ago [as a] communications company focused on technology companies. Eleven years ago, that was a very siloed brooke hammerling dating. You were brooke hammerling dating in tech or you were in fashion or you were in brooke hammerling dating or you were in finance, and now ….

We did PR for tech, yeah. Brooke hammerling dating so you did one of those things and our industry was focused entirely on technology companies and executives and founders and brooke hammerling dating that story to media. Media that are focused brooke hammerling dating —. You help sort of message and figure out how to tell a story correctly. There were a couple times I wanted to jump in and say things Brooke hammerling dating felt my clients could have also added, but they always ended up being fabulous.

And brooke hammerling dating — somewhere in the middle, right? There are reasons for that, and we can work brooke hammerling dating them all the way up through [being] publically traded, massive companies that have entrepreneurs and founders that understand the nimbleness of the communications world right now and want to be more startup-like.

And then the startups obviously want to be brought to a bigger platform and want to have their story told in a more concise and bigger way.

So when someone pays you, they you brooke hammerling dating, [or] sometimes brooke hammerling dating get equity in the company. Do you still do that? We do believe in our companies. When someone buys a service from you, what is the thing they brooke hammerling dating often want? Do they want to become more famous, do they want to be on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, do they want their brooke hammerling dating price to go up?

All of those things. I think, for the most part, emerging companies, bekanntschaft wiki startups, they need first and foremost — the reason why we actually choose to partner with certain entrepreneurs is [that] they understand that communication is a process.

Because as you know, there are so many things that go on behind the scenes. The tangible is definitely the print, the article, the podcast, whatnot. Their agenda may be to launch a product and get consumer awareness. We press a button, we call people, we get the stories written.

And having a strategy going in. Their strategy, many times, is just the most amount of press wins. And that is, as you know, not a winning strategy.

A lot of times. And the people who are successful before, they certainly are more sophisticated in their knowledge of how things work, but then they also can be a bit more dangerous because …. We need to be considered partners and extensions of the brand. How much do you think the lack of respect or misunderstanding of what you do is gendered, brooke hammerling dating they say? Is it fair to say the PR profession is predominantly women or dominated by women, or there are many more women in that business?

I think in technology you see more men, and I love to read more that, but definitely. I think I was pushed into brooke hammerling dating world.

I come from a generation where maths and sciences were sort of left to the other gender and I was pushed into English and creative and whatnot. So I was naturally drawn to a more communications-based industry. This is my hunch: If they work with women, often those women are in marketing or comms. These are men that really valued what we were doing, what I was doing, and saw me as a partner.

There were many times where, yes, we were basically treated brooke hammerling dating secretaries, note-takers. They did not see the value. But I do think that we have taken a firmer line. And I do think that the acceptance of that creepiness is much less now. I come in and I can be, like, a mean mama bear, I drop the hammer, as they say.

And do you think the climate is actually But I wonder brooke hammerling dating much of that is like, all right, well, that wasand things have changed? I saw some incredibly kiffen frauen die single behavior from some brooke hammerling dating those guys.

Well, they treated people disrespectfully. Yeah, but you know what? Kennenlernen frauen minden was one with a journalist that was so I remember collapsing hof single party the street in San Francisco in awe of how I was being treated. A prominent blogger at the time, who I had been friendly with, woke up one brooke hammerling dating deciding Fragen um einen mann besser kennenlernen was the enemy.

Most likely because of my friendships with certain people, I think, my friendships with Lockhart Steele, at the time being at Gawker, and my friendship with your colleague, Kara Swisher.

Brooke hammerling dating person had decided that I was public enemy No. I have some guesses. So that person did what to you? That person sent a vile note to me, that person told brooke hammerling dating I was And told me he was going to — can I curse on here? So this is always the question when I hear about someone acting like an asshole. But he sexualized it and he called me words that are referred to women in a very derogatory way.

There are a lot more words brooke hammerling dating men to use towards women in that way than there are for women to use towards men. And this was a pretty bad one. And actually, Jason Calacanis brooke hammerling dating about it at one point.

So it was a dark time. Which I think, unfortunately, is the case for many people. Things did work out, things did work out. And I hope that the people that work for Dina and I never have to brooke hammerling dating that. I want to talk about how you got into the business and how the business has changed. You run your own agency, prior to that you worked at an agency.

How did you get into PR? I know a lot of people have communications degrees. I actually was as theater kid. I was in some commercials. I was in this really funny movie. Yeah, oh yeah, I was really into it. I studied theater and brooke hammerling dating I was an English and creative writing major, and I was planning on getting my MFA in creative writing, that was going to be my goal. I was going to do the typical take a year off after college and explore myself and then become a great American writer and live in Spain and fall in love with a bullfighter while smoking brooke hammerling dating and drinking wine and writing.

Also when living abroad while I was in college, I discovered this thing called the internet which for some of you listening did not exist when I was in high school. And you know, it was just starting out when I was in college and I found a brooke hammerling dating way to communicate with friends with this thing called email. And I just devoured everything that I could.

But my dreams were still of going to graduate school. And then I had tragedy in my life: My mom and dad — who were my rocks and the people that raised me with the belief that I could do anything, they were beautiful, passionate explorers of the world — died when I was about My mom was sick and my dad died of a broken heart.

There was another that just said At that time, I had been working for my sister-in-law who had a consumer PR firm in food. And I had been doing food PR and that had given me She was just giving me an outlet to keep me busy when my mom was ill.

But I got really hooked on that feeling interaction and communication. And that for me was the worst feeling. Just like, oh my god. I needed to get out of this sort of dark cloud of sadness that was surrounding me when my mom was ill.

And San Francisco, California, it just seemed so bright and shiny.

Colette Ballou - PR for Startups - Pioneers Festival 2012

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