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In English it is common to reply partnersuche lutherstadt wittenberg "Nice to meet you" when you were introduced to somebody. Likewise you say "Was nice to meet you" on leaving. This web page there any similar phrases a German would use in this context? What is a formal German reply when having been introduced to somebody?

I think it is not easy kennenlernen meeting answer this question because the kennenlernen meeting depends on the circumstances. So there are more than one possibilities what you can say. In Germany you have different phrases which kennenlernen meeting you use depends on the situation you can say to greet someone or to goodbye.

This are kennenlernen meeting examples of normally used phrases in German to greet someone by coming or leaving. All of this phrases can be changed. For example, you can say "Du" instead of "Sie" if kennenlernen meeting know the person very well. Or change "Abend" to "Nachmittag" or "Mittag" as needed.

I argue that in German there is no direct translation kennenlernen meeting "nice to meet you", because German speakers do not express it like that. Clearly, German-dubbed American TV series have already influenced the German language somewhat and some people say that.

However kennenlernen meeting a German native from Bavaria, I find it very artificial to use this expression and believe flirten auf is not proper German. However, it sounds very old-fashioned if you are talking to people under 35 and I suggest not using it any more, at least not with younger people e. It must be differentiated also whether you meet someone for the first time, as "to meet" translates into " wieder treffen" or "kennenlernen".

But be careful with "sehr erfreut", because it literally means "very pleased". First it depends on kennenlernen meeting or not you are kennenlernen meeting sincere and acceptable. There is a class system in Kennenlernen meeting. Changing to the personal is established in the course of click the following article, time and repeat meetings.

If you like to repeat a meeting and things click, you could say: Ich bin sehr kennenlernen meeting Sie kennenzulernen. If there are repeat meetings and depending on the background of the parties, the Sie can be replaced by the Du or Dich; but that is initiated by the older person.

However, kennenlernen meeting depends in kennenlernen meeting part of Germany you are. Northerners tends to be more formal and reserved. There are occasions where persons have known each other for a lengthy time, but will remain formal. That is particularly true in working relationships, with neighbors or daily acquaintances. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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It should be added that any of the answers are rarely used in everyday life. It all sounds like high-society or politics, or like a german translation of a british TV series The direct translations would be: Brian Nixon 1 3 I disagree with the previous answers, in part: Instead, say something different with a meaning being specific to the situation, e.

It kennenlernen meeting your first day at a new job, you meet your boss or new colleague: At the end of a conversation say "Ich freue mich auf die Zusammenarbeit mit Kennenlernen meeting. At the end of a pleasant work dinner with your boss or your boss and the wife: Raphael 3 5.

Kevin kennenlernen meeting, 18 The informal "Freut mich" or "Freut mich, dich kennenzulernen" should also be added. Now I got a question about English: You need kennenlernen meeting add again. Would a native English speaker say something along: Nice to meet you again or do they have any other idiom for expressing meeting again in this context. I use the following: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up kennenlernen meeting Facebook.

Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Even shorter, just Freut mich.

German Translation of “meeting” | Collins English-German Dictionary

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Ich glaube, ich erinnere mich richtig, das dieses Wort ein Gegenstand der Rechtschreibreform…. Treffen zum Kennenlernen - Get-acquainted meeting. Vor der Heirat wird ein kleines Treffen zum Kennenlernen veranstaltet. Beim ersten See more tbc.

In our first meeting we define a common language, our goals and how we should article source.

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German Translation of “meeting” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over , German translations of English words and phrases.
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How does a German say “Nice to meet you”? "Ich bin sehr erfreut, Sie kennenlernen zu treffen" or "kennenlernen". Meeting for the first time would be.
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How does a German say “Nice to meet you”? "Ich bin sehr erfreut, Sie kennenlernen zu treffen" or "kennenlernen". Meeting for the first time would be.
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German Translation of “meeting” | The official Collins English-German Dictionary online. Over , German translations of English words and phrases.
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