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What happens when dance, music, and light combine? What would you attempt if you knew you could not fail? Most certainly, you would follow your passion just like Georg Viktor Emmanuel did.

The beatboxer and live looping artist now lives his dream by touring the world with no instruments other than his voice. In a unique way he performed the classic piece of Rock me Amadeus together with his friend and professional read article Markus Fahrenberger. Samira responses to 10 questions everyone needs single events klagenfurt ask about drones to turn their fear into curiosity.

The society has to understand single events klagenfurt failure is actually a key to success. Dejan shares with the audience how his own business and at the same time personal relationship failure led him to bring the global movement "Fuckup Nights" to Vienna. Taking a look at my home country Bosnia from distance, I decided to turn back and use the energy of hate, frustration with the economic situation, and the ruined land that has been left after the war for something good.

How did they do this? Erik was born in Sweden where he also completed his Ph. After stints as a researcher in Singapore and Switzerland, he moved to Austria a few years ago. He has recently achieved breakthroughs in core-shell nanoparticle single events klagenfurt for biomedical imaging and drug delivery, and developed characterization methods for and investigated the assembly of particles at liquid interfaces.

This engineer from Pakistan is no stranger to challenging conventions. She grew up in a country where it is almost unheard single events klagenfurt for women to enter the technology field. Her engineering work is redefining the role drones play in society.

She hopes that her work will eventually have applications to larger global issues, such as unmanned search and rescue missions, urgent medical deliveries, and construction in remote areas. As an educator or a parent it is often a big challenge to make learning less tedious and more affective for the kids. When the tried and tested, traditional methods fail then it is single events klagenfurt to get innovative.

Baptiste decided to use the knowhow that he accumulated by working in startups and as a web developer in making learning fun again with the help of Virtual Reality!

By involving students in the single events klagenfurt transfer process, the information they retain also increases considerably resulting in a much more effective learning.

As a handpan, drum and percussion player, Christian Schratt continue reading a versatile, international artist.

He recently returned from his third tour in China. Sara De Santis is a choreographer, click the following article, and performer with degrees in Anthropology and Choreography allowing her to work as an independent artist. She combines and analyzes how the environment as well as the culture can influence perception and movement.

Carbs wendys single hamburger Andel is an artist who implements the latest technical developments in presentation systems creating new media arts for both artistic and commercial purposes. He won several international awards from places like transmediale - festival for art and digital culture berlin or Japan Media Arts Festival.

Just like fairy tales with happy endings, success stories are what we like to listen click the following article, strive for and desire for ourselves.

After all, who would be interested in stories on failure? Apparently a lot of people are! The average person stares up in space and appreciates how beautiful the night sky looks.

But rarely do we understand single events klagenfurt complexities of galaxy formations and what really goes on there. Then again the average person has nothing on this mastermind who is a proud alumnus of Cornell, Oxford and Yale. Kevin Schawinski is an astrophysicist from Switzerland who specializes in understanding and quantifying the role of growing black holes in the formation and evolution of galaxies. He currently works at the ETH in Zurich. Consider giving up your stable job to pursue what some might only describe as making weird noises from your mouth.

But that is exactly what Georg decided to do. InGeorg gave up his job and apartment in Austria to follow his passion as a vocal live looping artist. He has since performed in street shows, festivals and clubs in over 18 countries across Europe, Single events klagenfurt America and the Middle East. Georg creates his music live on the spot, using elements of beatboxing, vocal sounds and a loop station to provide a unique mix of multiple genres, single events klagenfurt as DnB, Hip Hop, and Electro Pop.

What he achieves on stage alone using single events klagenfurt single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously, his songs draw on click here range of influences and styles including blues, soul, single events klagenfurt and even metal puts other full multiple member single events klagenfurt to shame.

James became a Senior Technologist at Stanford University in The genesis of his personal research came from single events klagenfurt a decade of case click the following article on organic and bio-dynamic family farms and their connection to the strongest communities around the world. Prepare to have your mind blown. Mostafa seems to have taken this to heart and proven that once you set your mind to it there is indeed no mountain that is too single events klagenfurt for you.

Salameh has climbed the highest mountains on each continent and single events klagenfurt skied the South Pole, after reaching the North Pole in His next goal is to Ski Greenland.

From serving as a sex slave to European Elite to turning into a Yogi, Anneke Lucas has lived quite a tale. Lucas was born in Belgium where she was sold into a sex trafficking ring at the age of six. Lucas was abused and tortured extensively before being released at age eleven. She ran away from her family as a teen, only to be trafficked again and escaped again at age After living in London, Paris and New York as a young adult, she moved to Los Angeles where she began therapy, yoga and meditation.

So how do we satisfy this very basic need if we are away from our friends, family or partner? By going to a professional cuddler like Jana.

Professional cuddling is fast becoming a popular form single events klagenfurt alternative touch therapy in America and this young doctor is striving hard tobring its healing powers to Europe.

She was all of 10 when she had to flee her homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to the imminent war. Her entire family shared a single single events klagenfurt and paved their way through various challenges, the biggest one being abandoning and single events klagenfurt loss of their home.

Ivana single events klagenfurt went on to study economy and after her stint at various International Corporations realized the need to do something more meaningful with her life. With little savings in her pocket but a big dream in her heart, she decided to take a big plunge. Words than ring truer than ever in the current times. For 25 years Brian has been an Episcopal priest. Single events klagenfurt Dean of Trinity Cathedral single events klagenfurt Sacramento, California, he has been striving to make the world more loving and accepting.

Currently he is active building bridges between Christians and Muslims in Sacramento. He has also facilitated a conversation with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. TEDx is a wonderful community and single events klagenfurt network of exceptional people with incredible ideas from all over the world. Being part of the TEDx family gives me joy, inspiration and a lot of energy for all projects I work on. I simply love being part of it, I love to contribute in as many ways as possible and, of course, I love and support the idea of spreading good news.

How great leaders inspire click here. Life-long curiosity is the basis for life-long learning. I will stop learning when I am dead but until single events klagenfurt I single events klagenfurt seek for inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm and visionary thinking which I very often find in TEDx events.

Can we talk about that? You ask why do I love TEDx? Because I believe that the single events klagenfurt, knowledge, incredible life stories and points of view shared by the speakers, can change, engage and inspire many of us to do things we have never dreamed of, or those we had dreamed of, but were afraid to follow. I got 99 problems… palsy is just one. I just love connecting, interacting and communicating with fascinating people from all over the world in the probably most creative region in Austria - Carinthia.

Programming your mind for success. Being part of the TEDx network means working on a local level on issues of national and global relevance. I am happy and proud contributing just a little bit by co-organizing this event and pushing this idea a bit further! At the end it is about the ideas and stories we share that will make us stronger as a society. How to find a wonderful idea. Want to help someone? Shut up and listen! It is single frau sucht leipzig sharing ideas, building relationships and inspiration.

TEDxKlagenfurt acts local and thinks global. It is an amazing journey of a wonderful community and I am proud to contribute. Why we do what we do. To create a new community and framework requirements in order to bring fun and a positive lifestyle to Carinthia.

I like the spirit and the mindset of the team. They work for a big idea: This is what happens when you reply to spam email. Nothing can make me feel more inspired and powerful single events klagenfurt the combination of passion, creativity, imagination and intelligence that аre pouring from the TED stage at every event I witness. And you know what the best part is? Now I also get to experience the magical world backstage as well, to be part of the team, to spread ideas worth spreading.

Until then I am going to try to reveal the TED magic to you too - photo by photo and post by post! What if you could live joyful and vibrant life at any age? Being in the presence single events klagenfurt people who can move you with their stories, inspire you with their accomplishments and challenge you можем singlebörse recklinghausen Итак make a change is extremely powerful experience.

The danger of a single story. I can get a unique possibility to look behind the curtain of a world-wide known and renowned event. On top of that I can meet and interact with persons who are gifted with special talents and attributes.

Single events klagenfurt

After the Atlantic Challenge Cup in summer this year, this is the second huge pool billiards event in the capital of Carinthia which holds around So far, men and 43 women have announced to participate in these events. The two players that stick out from the full field are definitely Jasmin and Albin Ouschan. Single events klagenfurt siblings who reside in and originate from Klagenfurt are considered to single frau treffen the read more players for this event.

Jasmin had already won that title 6-times in her career and click 3rd in the Austrian election of the sports person of the year.

The Ouschans are definitely the local celebrities that will draw the audience to come to the Klagenfurt sports stadium and support their local heroes. Her appearance in both events in Klagenfurt is surely one of the highlights of the tournaments and it will be very interesting to see how she will do in a tournament with the European top class players.

Of course, all European top performers are attending in Klagenfurt this week. Not only the prize money of Also the coveted ranking points are valuable reasons for many players to come and join the field of top players in Klagenfurt.

The group stages last until Single verheiratete frau mann night at The final click here the event is scheduled for Saturday, October 7th, at The final single events klagenfurt that event is scheduled for Sunday, October 8th at All Facebook users may check out the high standard of quality single events klagenfurt is provided for all the events and see what the Kozoom members receive all the time.

You can see all the matches live via www. Results and schedules can be found single events klagenfurt www. For further information and reference please go to the federation website www. Read more in News: Treviso hosts the final Euro-Tour of the season World Pool Masters — dates announced 4.

Catch Me If You Can! Predators Galore In Final Four 2. Only The Strong Will Survive Oktober in News: Lee Van Corteza Makes History: First Asian World Chen Siming goes all the way and takes the title in Klagenfurt 6.

Hometown boys on fire in Austria 5. Huge surprises dominate day 1 in Klagenfurt 4. Pool is coming to Klagenfurt, Austria 3. September in News: Filler and Maciol grab the Gold Medals. Mario He takes single events klagenfurt title on home turf. No single events klagenfurt upsets in Tirana single events klagenfurt far.

Hard times for favorites. US Bar Table Championship

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